Approaching Freedom

Well its nighttime… and I am bored out of my mind. There is nothing to do except to think about tomorrow’s freedom, what the machine is doing and finally about other non-trivial but unimportant issues.

Such as this rant: My musings about the operation of the human mind on a “fundmental” level:

~ has a parallel threads (each discrete thoughts).
~ has a single unified event (sensory) handler.
~ has a repository of facts and processes.
~ every repository can be sub repository of a larger repository.
~ has a priority heap of tasks or conscious actions.
~ abstraction framework (go try to model this one CS boys).
~ logic/negation framework.
~ emotions reactions to state and conditions of priorities and goals.

No question about it I am bored.

First Night of Work

Well, so it has begun. Shift work. Not very impressed but a bit more enthusiastic then last year. Actually I feel a bit tired now but was because of the day being busy.

So lets recount what I have done. Washed some dishes, vacuumed the house, mopped the kitchen and bathroom, and placed the garbage and recycling on the curb. Right after breakfast (which I had made) I adorned the kitchen table with some freshly cut tulips from the garden.

By that time it was 13:00 and I felt worn out already. But I persevered and made lunch, a herbal hand-soak for Mom and printed out the legal statement (which I had finally completed a while ago). To top it all I hung out the laundry.

A mad scramble to get ready for work ensued. I just managed to be there on time. And more or less ready. Now that I am here, I have to undergo a bit of training for the new safety procedures that have been put into place recently. Yay… So exciting.

The only highlight of the day is meeting nice girl at work today. And guess what her name is Katherine. Don’t worry Katerina, your still the most important for me. And I really do miss you.

Rather get Flogged

Yay! Nearly a whole day spent whipping this awful legal document that masquerades as my mother’s statement. Simply an atrocious chore. The whole experience with monster is simply a test of a person’s dedication, determination, and sanity. Fortunately I am almost done just one or two revisions tomorrow.

Boring list of work:

In the case of work, did the dishes along with breakfast. Made a great dinner (on time, OMG). And the baked guinea bird came out splendidly. Oh and finally got around to doing the laundry… told you this was a boring list. But hey, just what the lawyer wanted.

So after dinner watched an episode of SG-1. Not a particularly interesting one. Oh well.

Just so that no one calls me lazy, I racked backyard. Finally we have clean yard(s) at home. Tried picking up the heap of old leaves while wearing a dust mask. Not comfy, but no acting up of my infamous mold allergies. Yay! Finished off the day with planting a few pretty yellow and purple pansies. Wish I had a digital camera to show you.

Two Rocks + Three Branches = Wet Shoes

A glorious Sunday, and a Happy Mothers Day to all you Moms out there!  Anotherday in that recent string of warm weather we started having here in Brampton.Feels like summer is around the corner… or actually already here.

As an aside, my mother’s laywer told me to write/chronicle all the things I did on a daily basis.  Since this is Mother’s Day, and already have had allthe nagging I can stomach for this month… I devote this flimsy paragraph to that subject.  You can comfortably skip this.  Unless you have a secret fetish for house chores. 😉  Anyhow, did the standard routine of washing dishes for each meal and keeping the house immaculately clean.  Dad did breakfast, which makes me so happy, one less thing to do… I am lazy by nature.  Make that extremely lazy.  Uh.  And I washed the car.  Because my Dad was driving ME crazy with it.  And it has been two years already.  And I am lazy (Did I mention that already?).  And dust didn’t accumulate more than two millimetres on the sides, so it never had chance to peel off by itself (strong belief in that after the dirt is two centimetres it auto-cleans itself via gravity).  And hang out some laundry.  That is it.  Oh and I blogged.  But that doesn’t count does it…

Talking about legalizee… I have started to edit it.  I have done many editing session in my short (or old is your age is < 21) life.  Never was it so slow or painful.  It is about as exciting as a slugging match with a wall.A brick wall.  Standing toe to toe.  Or should it be toe to wall?  Anyways…this is almost as bad as a reading Vogon poetry.  Almost.  Without the internal neural hemorrhaging…  No I can’t spell… Tragic.

Finally summoned the courage to call Kat.  No I am not nervous when talking togirls.  Well maybe.  And only if I like the person a fair bit.  OK, like alot.  I was thinking that she would be tired or irritating at me bugging herso often.  But no.  She seemed to enjoy hearing from me.  So naturally, I amwalking on air ever since.  Thanks Kat!

Unfortunately (for me), Kat was celebrating Mother’s Day with her Mom and sister… so no walk.  So instead I pulled Dima out for a walk.  Maybe I should of gone with me parents instead.  😉  Anyways, so first of all we go for the long route… to the end of the park.  Which is fine, but on the way back Dmitri was getting tired of plain old paved walkway.  Actually it was notgood enough for him.  And he saw three rocks in the Etobicoke river/creek, and dared me to jump across…  *sigh*  And I thought I had grown out of the peer-pressure influenced age…  Anyhow after a hop, skip and jump, we found ourselves in the unkempt meadow on the other side.  Being too lazy to retrace our steps… and being too chicken to attempt jumping back across… we set off on a wilderness trek.  Or the Great Adventure.

Dima directed me to write this like some sort of great epic.

So, the two brave, and fearless explorers set off through the tangled mess of grassland.  Each step of the way, beset by strangely lumpy, lumps of grass that made walking similar to that of walking on perilous jelly.  As they trekked across the grassland in the baking sun, the river curved in front of them.  But that didn’t stop them.  No… the intrepid pair devised an ingenious (Dorian quotes “There is no way I am going to cross on that!!!”)bridge spanning a fearsome (small but wet) rapid.  Dmitri crossed first, but in the process almost wrecked the bridge.  His companion, Dorian attempted to fix the damage but the current was too swift… at last he attempted to cross it.  But fell off!!!  Fortunately Dorian managed to save himself (and keep mostly dry except for the left foot).


After the incident, the two continued their journey through the wilderness.They encountered more grassland, and then an immense jungle (tangled undergrowth).  Dima came out unscathed while Dorian got stuck a few times on thorns (man-eating thorn bush… ;-)).   When they tore through the jungle (Dima kept on muttering about wishing to have a machete), they were greeted with the sight of two rare waterfowl (Canadian geese).  The pair continued to tear their way through forest and wilderness and plain.  Until they finally reached a grassy hill (with trees), and so a lowly (paved) trail.  They descended down back into civilization.


And Dorian went home with a wet sneaker.  *cry*  But we did see a garter snakeon the way back.


Anyhow my day ended more or less after that.  Ate dinner (a restaraunt boughtpita with sovlaki, my favorite, yum!), and then started to edit the tortourousdocument.  And then fell asleep.


Today was a very nice day. Naturally beautiful weather means time for gardening and general yard work. Fortunately I happened to have a very productive day. A fair bit pruning and stick bundling, and the backyard’s appearance is vastly improved.

Of course, gardening isn’t all sunshine and roses. Had do some sanitation work after the neighbourhood’s “cute” cats… cute yeah right… where’s my rail gun anyways? You get the point. So I came up with an innovative solution, inspired by Darwinia. Robotic killer ants! Seriously, ants are territorial and in packs are serious problems. The only problems are the anthills, aphids and occasional sting. Robots with little metal pincers, hive mind behaviour, and recall so that I can work without getting my behind pinched… Think about the benefits… I could takeover the world! *gloats*

Finished typing up the legalize… now I have to edit it. Yay!

Wrath. Reloaded.

DIE SPAM!!! Or the battle cry of the last battle in Darwinia. The Temple level was big a challenge, but once you figure it out it is pretty simple. Wished I had rockets though, because that would of speed up the final bosses’ demise. I stayed up until 5:00am playing the game, and now I am finished. I must say I enjoyed myself throughly. But I am glad its over… I mean I can go and clean up the mess I made… but… nah. I have other more important things to do.

Life is a usual: nag, drag, work, nag, drag, work… ad nauseum. Starting work on Wednesday of next week. At least I will have money. Even if that is the only thing I can look forward too, as I still will have to do a lot of tasks at home. Have not even looked into archery equipment, or high speed net (which I decided I might leave until before school starts). Need to pay off school, and look for a way of getting my sorry excuse of a behind to school and back again. I will have to look at that immediately.

Yup. I have decided to start a new black op… a clone of the game Sinksub. I enjoyed that game, and now I plan to do in Python using pygame or C using SDL. Still should be fun. It is a short game, and not much involved in it. So I hope to make something in about an afternoon or so.

Oh well, have to run off and type up some more of the legalize that I have neglected to do. And do some groceries… I sort of miss my friends… but I have a fair bit to do. Bye for now!

Tired and Half Dead.

So tired… got only 4.5 hours of sleep today. My eyes are really in pain, and the rest of me wants sleep badly.

Got up at an ungodly 5:30 (after hitting the sack at ~1:15). Tired like hell… swear I could count the number of times my neurons synapsed. It felt like walking in a watery dream… even the air is as thick as water.

Anyhow… managed to get to work on time with my Dad. Had a “safety” workshop, training, whatever. Boring stuff. Had to fill out multiple quizzes, and things… before it was just look at a few irritating videos. Today they had the works. The government must of given them hell for that nasty pinching accident that happened a few months ago. So now the HR folks tortured us with the all things… mind never mentioning revalant details… only generalized guidelines. Sad. Very sad.

Became bitter after finding out that the job I might of had there was gone because of management’s incompetence. I would love to say what I feel about the person responsible… but that would be simply a string of 16-25 nasty words strung together. Let your imagination run wild. Still I am disappointed that a desk job with maintenance could of been mine, instead of running like a dog in production. Want to cry. Another hell of a summer. Only this time I have to make sure Mother and my brother are taken care of ahead of time. If I don’t snap half way through… I will end up turning into an emotionless machine. Great, dehumanization. Lovely. Can hardly wait. The only problem is sentience… otherwise I would make the perfect Atari powered drone.

To top it all off I got lost on my way back home. Wasted money on multiple bus fares, taking scenic routes, and time waiting for something to happen. Mind you Pearson International Airport is lovely this time of year. Except when you are going around in circles. But circles are lovely too. (Side note: amazing how many Arabic women work in airport security… no comment just observation). By the time I reached familiar territory I was tired. My neural activity simply plummeted… feeling like undead… can’t die, can’t live.

That part of the day is over… actually I will call that a day. I will pretend that the rest of the day is another new day. Lets see how that turns out.

Think Outside the Box!

Yes, the title has nothing to do with what happened today. But than again, I am all for random, and spontaneous titles (and behaviour). Anyhow… getting back to reality…

Another day went by; and was pretty much like yesterday. Later on during the night, I played a fair bit of Darwinia. Hence, getting up was a problem. Later on went on to beat two more levels today. Getting harder, and longer, but thanks to a number of acquisitions, and stratagems I have survived fairly well. Even thought I had a few raging battles, and a number of ugly surprises. I sort of gotten tired of the game, so I am going to let age for a few days. Just don’t want its novelty to rub simply by over-gaming. Yes, it is possible to game too long. 😉

Actually the last few levels in Darwinia have kept me on my toes. The battles are getting more vicious, mobile and having multiple fronts. Thank goodness for the Armour weapons… and the increased tech levels. Sigh I could write a book on my experiences… 😉

Right now, I am sitting with seven pages of legalize Engrish, and I have to edit it into a spanking, understandable, legal statement of my mother’s accident. Yuck is the word. So I will reenter into electronic format and then hack my way through it. I must sharpen my stylus, and bust out my red pen. And maybe a revision control system… (OK that is taking it too far). Anyhow, that is my new black op. YAY!

Hmmm… got to mod this site one of these days… (foreshadowing)

Follow the Green Sprites, Man.

Yay! Another day ended. No luck with meeting up with Kat, but then again today was a wet, slushy, and mushy day for a walk. Even in an enclosed mall. Again, I played the part of house-son (a.k.a. a son who gets all the jobs of a housewife, with none of the rewards). Wee!

Domenic, my good friend in Michigan just wrote me an email. He is in the middle of his exams, so I guess he will coming back to Brampton soon. Awesome! Good luck on your exams.

Highlight of the day: Darwinia. One of my friends managed to acquire the full version of the game, and lent me a copy. I like the whole atmosphere, and retro style of the game. It has just the right mix of RTS, RPG, and strategic wargame, for me. While sometimes the battles can get quick, and rather messy, at least I get to pick them. I managed to finish the first two islands so far, and have enabled links to the Mine, and Generator level. Should be fun.

Wednesday, will my first day of work… “safety” training. In order words, waste of time mostly. But I apparently will get paid for it which is execellent. Other than that, nothing new. Played a round of FZERO today, and noticed that I have become better at it. Almost finished the last race of the Kings’ League. Kept on getting blown up halfway throught the last lap, which was a shame. Oh well, I guess I will have to make my own clone this summer. Should be fun.


Another day… another dollar. Which is an excellent away to sum up my day. Right.

So I was chating with my good friend, Dima about dating, girls, and relationships. Got into a bit of a row about this theory about male-female relationships, called the “Ladder Theory”. I am not saying that I discredit the theory out of hand or anything. But it felt a bit too shallow. I mean I don’t think like that… I have worked on surpassing my irrational, emotional side and be more rational. I really don’t think it is appropriate to say that people judge the opposite sex, almost purely on sexual attraction. Come on. Hormones and phermones do play an important in a person’s life, but not the central part. Ah well. Maybe it was just the way the person brought it across.

Cry… I was hoping to meet up with Kat tomorrow. Alas, she must find a summer job, so she will be busy that day. Beside it will rain tomorrow. And Dima is bugging me against it… for the longest time. I have not figured out exactly why… but I know he means well. Still what is wrong with occasionally meeting up? Oh well never mind. I might end up going with Rudy shopping, if I am lucky.

As for life, nothing much except idling, working on chores, and being bored. I don’t know why, but things have just sort of died recently. As for hacking, I plan to do more of it. Just not really motivated much nowadays… The highlight was watching an episode of SG-1, which is one of my favorite series (Lost and BSG being the other two). I have not watched StarGate in ages. Fun stuff.

The mlaren is parked neatly in my orbiting super-battlecruiser… the Insomniac. I will drive it again. Soon. After I bombard the planet below a few times. Cherrio!